About Me

I love to make colourful fun creations, even if they're not meant to last!

Back in 1998 I attended my God son's 4th birthday party sporting a pair of dollar store fairy wings and a parcel wrapped in lots of coloured layers. We played pass the parcel and other games, sang songs, and had such a great time!

I had so much fun, I started volunteering to entertain for all my friends' kids. Eventually through referrals, my services were in hot demand. 

FACE PAINTING has become my passion and I've painted 1000's of faces for parties, festivals, community celebrations schools, camps, corporate events and even musicals!

I use only paints that are specifically developed for face painting.  They are gentle on the skin, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and washable.

And because I love to create and make fun things I have also developed two additional products; Megabubbles special concentrated mixture with handcrafted wooden and cotton wands; and handcrafted real papier maché pinatas!

I am mom to my ever suffering 13 year old son who has endured many years of being my guinea pig!